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Our motoring lawyers offer a fixed fee on the following services:

  • We will consider the charge(s) which you face and advise you in connection with these;
  • We will consider the evidence which is initially disclosed to us by the Crown Prosecution service;
  • We will advise you in connection with the strength of the prosecution case against you;
  • We will advise you about any issues relating to venue which arise in your case
  • We will take instructions from you sufficient to advise you as to plea and to present a plea of mitigation if applicable; and
  • We will provide representation for you at the plea hearing in your case

We will be happy to offer you a tailored fixed fee quote to suit your individual case and the services that you require. Depending upon your personal circumstances and the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for legal aid. We will advise you as to whether you are eligible at the outset of your case.

If you plead not guilty at court we can advise and represent you throughout your trial.

We will be happy to carry out further work for you at an agreed fixed fee. Alternatively you may wish to make an arrangement to pay for our services on an hourly rate. In some cases, we may advise you that you may need to pay to instruct an expert (e.g. back calculations for alcohol readings in drink-driving cases).

These costs are known as disbursements and are additional to our fee. We will inform you at the outset of your case whether any disbursement payments are likely and we will never incur any additional expense without consulting you and obtaining your authority.

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